Lewis & Clark College: Rose Garden collection

Photographs and documents relating to Lewis & Clark College's Memorial Rose Garden and the Rose Club, which was active in the 1940s-60s. The Rose Club grew out of a collaboration between the college's Men's Garden Club, the Portland Rose Society, The Royal Rosarians, and a group of Lewis & Clark parents know as the Jungle Fighters.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Synergia: The Journal of Gender Thought and Expression

Synergia is an annual publication of undergraduate student art and creative writing started in 1991. It includes essays, poems, short stories, visual art, and personal writings all related to student experiences of gender and sexuality. It is entirely student-run and releases an issue each year in conjunction with the Gender Studies Symposium

Paul E. Illick Civilian Public Service (CPS) photograph collection

Photographs by Paul E. Illick while serving in the WWII Civilian Public Service (CPS) program. This collection contains photographs by Illick taken during his time with the Civilian Public Service program. Remembrances and a history of CPS at Cascade Locks by Illick.

A Voyage to the East Indies in the Ship Duke of Grafton

"A Voyage to the East Indies in the Ship Duke of Grafton" is an eighteenth century manuscript detailing the 1779-81 voyage of the Duke of Grafton from Britain to India and back again. This manuscript includes detailed descriptions of Madeira, Gorée, Cape Town, Madras, Bombay, Surat, St. Helena, and the perils of life at sea. This manuscript's provenance and authorship are unknown; Lewis & Clark acquired this manuscript from Bernard Quaritch Ltd. in 2017. More materials relating to the 1779-81 voyage of the Duke of Grafton can be found in the India Office Records and Private Papers collection at the British Library. A "flip book" version of this collection is available here.

Dr. Alan L. Hart Collection

Alan L. Hart (born Alberta Lucille Hart, October 4, 1890 – July 1, 1962) was an American physician, radiologist, tuberculosis researcher, writer and novelist. Born female, Hart was one of the first to undergo transition surgery in the United States, and lived the rest of his life as a man.

Japanese Postcard Collection

Postcard images of Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and other places and people in Japan.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Yearbooks - Foxwalsh

Lewis & Clark's alternative yearbook publication appeared only in 1973.

Greetings from Oregon Photograph Collection

An 18 X 27 cm photo album, which has 65 pages of poetry excerpts and photographs. The circa 1900-1901 album visually documents an unidentified woman's journey around the Pacific Northwest. Photos include images of the greater Portland area; Yakima, Washington; and the Oregon Coast.

Linn County Postcard Collection

A 29 X 24 cm photo album, which contains various postcards and some photographs. The album visually documents geological and urban landscapes in Linn County, Oregon. Circa 1910, photos include images of the greater Portland area; Lebanon, Oregon; Albany, Oregon; the Oregon Coast; and various other locations across the United States.

Lewis & Clark College: Oral History Project

Since Spring 2014 students in History 300 (Historical Materials) have been interviewing alumni, faculty and staff for the Lewis & Clark College Oral History Project. The interviews document and celebrate the rich history of the college through the collection of spoken memories. This is a joint venture of the History Department, Alumni and Parent Programs, and Watzek Library's Special Collections and Archives.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Yearbooks

The collection includes all of the yearbooks for Lewis & Clark College, and its predecessor Albany College. The first yearbook was issued in 1904. The most recent yearbook was issued in 2004.

Maps: Japan - 1843 Mount Fuji

Hand colored 1843 Edo or Tokugawa Period woodcut map of the thirteen states form which Mt. Fuji is Visible. 155 x 175 cm. Drawn by Einen Akiyama. Viewable in complete and quartered scans.

Nineteenth Century Political Party Photograph Collection

The Collections includes members of the political landscape during the 19th century from approximately 1850-1900. Many of the politicians shown are military generals, Senators, Supreme Court members, or other important Cabinet members from either the Johnson, Grant, or Hayes' administration. The Collection includes political members from the Whig party, Democratic party and Republican party. Many of the politicians played critical roles in either helping or stopping the progress in Reconstruction and made other important social and economic decisions. Also included is a photo of the Electoral Commission of 1877 and the 1862-1863 Supreme Court.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - The Meridian [Journal of International Affairs]

The Meridian is an annual undergraduate publication dedicated to providing a forum for student views on international and cross-cultural issues. The journal included essays, research papers, journal excerpts, poetry and photographs, all of which are contributed by students. The Meridian is the oldest publication at Lewis and Clark College and is entirely student-run. The editorial board of the Meridian consists of students and operates autonomously of the faculty, administration and staff of the college .

Lewis & Clark College: Photographs - Campus Buildings

Lewis & Clark College campus buildings and construction historical photograph collection. Includes photographs, architectural sketches, and drawings of campus facilities and grounds from the 1940s through the 1990s.

Lewis & Clark College: Photographs - Theatre Department

This collection includes photographs from the Lewis & Clark College theatre department from 1948-1989. Includes images from the Fir Acres theatre series and summer theatre programs.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Newspaper - Pioneer Log / Mossy Log

This collection includes complete issues in pdf format of Lewis & Clark College student newspaper the Pioneer Log, now named The Mossy Log.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Newspaper - Sacajawea's Voice

This collection includes complete issues in pdf format of Lewis & Clark College alternative student newspaper Sacajawea's Voice.

L. Stanley Glarum Collection

A collection of photographs, audio recordings, sheet music, and ephemera documenting the career and legacy of Lewis & Clark College Choir director (1947-1975).

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Newspaper - Albany College Student

This collection includes pdf versions of student newspapers published at Lewis & Clark College's predecessor, Albany College. The items in this collection include papers published between 1930 and 1941.

Susan B. Anthony Journals

Journals from Susan B. Anthony's three visits to Oregon in 1871, 1896, and 1905. Originals are held by the Library of Congress, MS #175559.

The Revolution Newspaper

This collection includes PDF versions of the weekly women's rights newspaper, The Revolution, which was published in New York from 1868 to 1872. Founded by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, it was later edited by Laura Curtis Bullard (1870-1871) and W.T. Clarke (1871-1872).

WPA Costumes of the World

This collection includes a set of images created by the Museum Extension Project of the WPA Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Unit depicting various world costumes from ancient Egypt to the 1890s.

Oregon Images

This collection includes postcards, engravings, and other artworks that depict scenes around the state of Oregon.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Special Collections - Berberis Press

This collection includes exhibit catalogs, bibliographies, books, exhibit posters, and poetry broadsides that have been produced by the Lewis & Clark College Special Collections department and its publishing venture, the Berberis Press.

Maps: North America

This collection includes maps from the Special Collections. The collection includes maps associated with overland and Pacific Exploration, as well as maps documenting settlement and urban growth in the Pacific Northwest.

Karl Bodmer Images

Karl Bodmer was a Swiss painter who accompanied Prince Maximillian on an expedition across the American West in 1832. During this expedition, the party encountered many of the Indians described by Lewis and Clark. Bodmer's detailed sketches and watercolors are an important visual record of these cultures. The images in the collection are hand-colored engravings based on Bodmer's watercolors that appeared in a fifty-copy limited edition set of Lewis and Clark's journals edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites in 1904.

Hugh Deane Collection

This collection includes the items from the Hugh Dean Collection of East Asian pamphlets, most relating to China during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

Gordon Gilkey Prints

Gordon Gilkey (1912-2000) was a gifted etcher and printmaker, who taught at Lewis & Clark (Albany College) during the 1930s. He also served as the Dean of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University, and the curator at the Portland Art Museum. Gilkey's prints are represented in art collections all over the world.

Lewis & Clark College: Fir Acres Estate Architectural Sketches

The Fir Acres Estate, which is now the home of Lewis & Clark College, was designed by Herman Brookman in 1924 for Lloyd Frank. This collection includes many of Brookman's sketches for the gardens and manor house.

Charles and Erskine Wood Family Collection

This collections includes over 300 images from the family papers of Charles Erskine Scott Wood and his son Erskine Wood. The collection includes family photographs, scrapbooks, original C.E.S. Wood watercolors and sketches, and selected manuscript material.

Lewis & Clark College: Corbett Estate Architectural Drawings

This collection includes seven hand drawn sketches of the Hamilton Corbett estate in the Riverdale neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. The sketches were made by the Olmsted Brothers Landscape Architects in 1928. The estate now houses the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling.

WWII Civilian Public Service: Photographs

This collection includes photographs documenting the activities in U.S. Civilian Service camps for conscientious objectors during World War II.

WWII Civilian Public Service: Camp Newsletters

This collection includes camp newsletters produced in U.S. Civilian Service camps for conscientious objectors during World War II.

Lewis & Clark College: Campus Maps

The collection includes maps showing the development of the Fir Acres campus of Lewis & Clark College (1940-2000).

Poetry Broadside Collection

This collection includes twentieth century poetry broadsides, most by William Stafford, but some of Stafford's peers like Robert Bly, Charles Simic, and Primus St. John.

Lewis & Clark College: Photographs - Historical

This collection includes over 2,000 images dating back to the founding of the college as Albany Collegiate Institute in 1867, and continuing into the modern era as Lewis & Clark College in 1940. The collection also includes faculty portraits and campus scenes from 1940 to present.

WWII Civilian Public Service: Art

This collection includes original artwork created by conscientious objectors from U.S. Civilian Service camps World War II.

Morgan S. Odell WWI Collection

Dr. Morgan S. Odell was the first president of Lewis & Clark College (1942-1960) following the institution's move to Portland, Oregon and renaming from Albany College, established in 1867. As a young man, Odell served with the US Army Ambulance Service (USAAS) in Italy at the end of WWI. This collection includes selected documents from the Odell papers held by Lewis & Clark Special Collections which document this experience.

Halladay School of Flying

Albany College's Halladay School of Flying, sponsored by the Civil Aeronautics Authority, helped finance college operations during the second world war. The school was located in Ontario, Oregon.

Lewis & Clark Expedition: Nineteenth Century Newspapers

Newspaper accounts of the Lewis & Clark expedition in the early 19th century.

William Stafford: Photograph Collection

This collection includes portraits of the American poet, William Stafford (1914-1993) from the William Stafford Archives.