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Radikal Radish, Fall 1991

An eclectic "micro-zeen" compiled of student art and writings, as well as various pop culture ephemera collaged onto the pages. "A creative paper fountain of written art"


Song Lore of Albany

Songbook of college songs from Albany College and Lewis & Clark College including the school Alma Mater "Standing By Willamette's Waters". Dedicated to Albany President Dr. Wallace Howe Lee [1895-1905 and 1915-1920] who wrote many of the songs including the words to the College Alma Mater, adapted form Cornell University Alma Mater tune. Cornell's original lyrics composed in 1870 by roommates Archibald Croswell Weeks, and Wilmot Moses Smith is set to the popular 1857 tune "Annie Lisle", by H. S. Thompson.

Songs are arranged and edited by former Albany College alum Victor Arundel,


Lewis and Clark College 1867-1967

Lewis and Clark College 1867-1967 by Martha Frances Montague. Published by Binfords & Mort Publishers, 1968