William Stafford: Photograph Collection

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William Stafford by mailbox

William Stafford on Mt. Baldy. Star Route, Barrett Canyon. Near Los Angeles. (developed 6 April 1947)

William Stafford

William Stafford, aged 36. Official Lewis & Clark College portrait.

William Stafford with plaque

William Stafford with the plaque displaying his poem "City Hall," installed at the Lake Oswego City Hall. Taken during the dedication.

William Stafford with Marvin Graeler

William Stafford with Marvin Graeler at a Civilian Public Service camp. Marvin Graeler was at boh Magnolia and Los Prietos, probably Los Prietos in this case. "Marvin Graeler points out camp highlight to visitors of last Saturday. (picture snapped by one of the visitors and sent out.)"

Leif Salongurwok

William Stafford with dog Leif Salongurwok. "Leif aimed to please."

William Stafford

William Stafford at the Portland Poetry Festival. One print also sent for use by the Library of Congress and used for their publication "The Whole Wide World Pours Down."

Teaching at Port Townsend

William Stafford in Port Townsend, Washington, teaching at Centrum

University of Iowa Student ID

Stafford's student ID card at the University of Iowa

Pruning a tree

William Stafford pruning at the Sunningdale House. The Sycamore was a gift from Lottie Frantz with four branches, one for each child


Photo of a butterfly by William Stafford