Impossibilists Publications Collection

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Portland Assemblage

A concept of magazine making where the contributor becomes an editor, designer, printer, compiler, and distributer.
Impossibilists #18

Issue 18 of The Impossibilists' Impossible magazine
Impossibilists #17

Issue 17 of the Impossibilists' Impossible Magazine
Musical Comedy 6.5 Trading Cards

Trading cards for Musical Comedy 6.5
Musical Comedy 6.5 Trading Cards Wrapper

The wrapper form the trading cards given out by The Impossibilists for Musical Comedy 6.5
Impossible 15

Issue 15 of the Impossibilists' Impossible magazine.
Impossible 14

Issue 14
Impossibilist Broadside

Poem titled "Let Me Go Now" by Katherine Dunn.
The Impossibilist Manifesto

A document outlining the principles of the Impossibilists.