Al-Hatlani, Alia (2014)

Al-Hatlani, Alia (2014)
Soon after Alia Al-Hatlani was born in Houston, Texas, her and her family moved to Saudi
Arabia and lived there until she was six years old. They then moved to Bahrain, where Alia went
to elementary and middle school, and eventually emigrated back to Houston when Alia was
fourteen years old. Alia proceeded to attend high school in Houston and later decided to come to
Lewis & Clark College in 2010. She majored in Rhetoric and Media Studies and minored in
Studio Art, lived on campus for three and a half years and then commuted from her parents’
home in Portland for her second semester of senior year. While attending Lewis & Clark, Alia
was able to create lasting friendships as well as develop strong relationships with her professors,
such as Professor David Campion and Professor Bryan Sebok. She cites these connections as the
main reasons why she is extremely grateful for her experience at Lewis & Clark. After
graduating from Lewis & Clark in 2014, Alia spent another year in Portland concluding her
internship with Portlandia and then moved to Seattle, where she now works as a cake decorator
at a specialty cake shop and attends pastry school at the Seattle Culinary Academy.
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