Salnikova-Leeper, Viktoria (2000)

Salnikova-Leeper, Viktoria (2000)
Viktoria Salnikova-Leeper was born in 1978 and grew up through the dissolution of the
USSR in Ulan Ude, Siberia, near today’s northern border of Mongolia. Her father was an
engineer at a local car part factory and her mother was a school teacher. Before her
undergraduate education at Lewis and Clark College, at age 15, Viktoria took part in an overseas
program to the U.S., where she lived in Hillsboro with a host family and graduated from Glencoe
high school. Before returning to live with her American host family in Portland, she studied
foreign languages and linguistics for a few years at Buryat State University in her hometown.
Upon visiting the annual Lewis and Clark international fair in the late 90s, she decided to apply
as a transfer to Lewis and Clark, and transferred at the age of 19. Graduating in 2000, she was an
economics major, part-time working student, and RA on the Russian floor of the Copeland
dorms. After LC, Viktoria started her career in healthcare analytics and went to grad school to
get her masters. She and her husband now have three children and live nearby in the greater
Portland area.
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