Barker, Paul (1971)

Barker, Paul (1971)
Paul Barker was born in Toledo, Oregon, and grew up on the Oregon Coast in a town called Newport. His father was a doctor, while his mother was heavily involved in volunteer work in their local community, which included being an active member of the county school board. Paul became interested in the Middle East as a young adult, and cultivated this interest during his time at Lewis & Clark when he took part in the college’s first overseas trip to Iran in 1968. After graduating from Lewis & Clark in 1971, Paul spent several decades in international aid organizations throughout the Middle East and Africa including: the Peace Corps Iran, Israel, the Westbank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. He also spent several years working with the organization CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) in Ethiopia, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Palestine, establishing various programs aimed at the betterment of life for the populations the organization served. Although now retired, Paul remains an active participant in the Peace Corps Iran Association Advocacy Bulletin as its editor, in order to promote awareness amongst former volunteers about issues affecting the country.
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