Charles and Erskine Wood Family Collection

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"'Joseph myth' debunker defends story"

Letter in response to the two letters refuting Don Holm's debunking of Chief Joseph's speech.
"An Affair to Remember"

Newspaper article about the relationship between C.E.S. Wood and Sara Bard Field. Also contains a photograph of the wedding of Sara Bard Field's daughter Katherine to James Caldwell.
"Chief Joseph's speech"

Letter to the editor in response to Don Holm's debunking of Chief Joseph's speech.
"Debunking of Chief Joseph labeled 'distortion of history'"

Letter to the editor regarding Don Holm's debunking of Chief Joseph's speech.
"Northwest history, personal as well as public"

Review of Erskine's memoir, "Days with Chief Joseph."
"Princess" CES Wood Wine Label

Wine Label for CES Wood's vineyard in Los Gatos, CA.
"Son of Lt. Wood Asserts Joseph Quotes Correctly"

Erskine Wood refutes Mark Brown's argument that Joseph's speech is fraudulent.
A Group of Nez Perce at the Agency Warehouse, 1893

Erskine Wood Photograph from Chief Joseph's Camp at Nespelem, WA, Colville Reservation, 1893.

"Nez Perces at the agency warehouse, Nespilem, 1893 or '94" (EW, later note). See journal for November 30, 1893: "As today was ration day I went up to the commisary and helped Steele and Glasgow give out rations I issued sugar and coffee mostly."
Affidavit of Erskine Wood's Birth

Nanny Moale Wood verifies that she was present at her son's birth.