Special Collection Publications

In 2000 Lewis & Clark College Special Collections began curating exhibits in the Aubrey R. Watzek Library. In addition to curating the exhibits, Special Collections began issuing promotional and explanatory materials including brochures, catalogs, and flyers to support the exhibits. In 2005 Special Collections initiated a Watzek Library Poetry Reading series. To support these readings Special Collections designed and printed poetry broadsides for each reader. It was at this time that the department adopted the name Berberis Press as its imprint. The term Berberis is the genus name for the Oregon Grape, which was chosen to represent the intellectual endeavors of the Special Collections because of its close association with the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Oregon. In 2014 Special Collections expanded its publishing and book arts program with the inclusion of a late 20th century Chandler & Price letterpress.

Special Collections and its publishing department, the Berberis Press, have published a number of catalogs, bibliographies, exhibit posters, and poetry broadsides for exhibits and events at the Watzek Library.

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