Charles and Erskine Wood Family Collection

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"Chief Joseph's speech"

Letter to the editor in response to Don Holm's debunking of Chief Joseph's speech.
"An Affair to Remember"

Newspaper article about the relationship between C.E.S. Wood and Sara Bard Field. Also contains a photograph of the wedding of Sara Bard Field's daughter Katherine to James Caldwell.
Portrait of Nicky Mowitz [William Andrews] with His Wife

Nicky Mowitz was later known as Cool Cool Smool Mool, Red Star, and finally William Andrews. For more information see University Washington Digital Collections, Edward H. Latham Collection no. 409; and George Venn, Soldier to Advocate (Wordcraft, 2006), p. 79.

The photograph is isncribed as "Man of authority & his wife - Helped keep order at school -" (note in unknown hand). "Willie Andrews Cool Cool Smool Mool, of my diary E.W." (EW, later note). Inscribed "To My Tillicum Ada Stillwell Dickson"
Charles Erskine Scott Wood

Charles Erskine Scott Wood photographic portrait. Taken in San Raphael, California. Original photographic print on fiber paper. 33 x 26.5 cm.
"Northwest history, personal as well as public"

Review of Erskine's memoir, "Days with Chief Joseph."
Poems for CES Wood

Poems in memory of Charles Erskine Scott Wood.
"'Joseph myth' debunker defends story"

Letter in response to the two letters refuting Don Holm's debunking of Chief Joseph's speech.