Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Yearbooks

The collection includes all of the yearbooks for Lewis & Clark College, and its predecessor Albany College. The first yearbook was issued in 1904. The most recent yearbook was issued in 2004.

Maps: Japan - 1843 Mount Fuji

Hand colored 1843 Edo or Tokugawa Period woodcut map of the thirteen states form which Mt. Fuji is Visible. 155 x 175 cm. Drawn by Einen Akiyama. Viewable in complete and quartered scans.

Nineteenth Century Political Party Photograph Collection

The Collections includes members of the political landscape during the 19th century from approximately 1850-1900. Many of the politicians shown are military generals, Senators, Supreme Court members, or other important Cabinet members from either the Johnson, Grant, or Hayes' administration. The Collection includes political members from the Whig party, Democratic party and Republican party. Many of the politicians played critical roles in either helping or stopping the progress in Reconstruction and made other important social and economic decisions. Also included is a photo of the Electoral Commission of 1877 and the 1862-1863 Supreme Court.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - The Meridian [Journal of International Affairs]

The Meridian is an annual undergraduate publication dedicated to providing a forum for student views on international and cross-cultural issues. The journal included essays, research papers, journal excerpts, poetry and photographs, all of which are contributed by students. The Meridian is the oldest publication at Lewis and Clark College and is entirely student-run. The editorial board of the Meridian consists of students and operates autonomously of the faculty, administration and staff of the college .

Lewis & Clark College: Photographs - Buildings

Lewis & Clark College campus buildings and construction historical photograph collection. Includes photographs, architectural sketches, and drawings of campus facilities and grounds from the 1940s through the 1990s.

Lewis & Clark College: Photographs - Theatre Department

This collection includes photographs from the Lewis & Clark College theatre department from 1948-1989. Includes images from the Fir Acres theatre series and summer theatre programs.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Newspaper - Pioneer Log

This collection includes complete issues in pdf format of Lewis & Clark College student newspaper the Pioneer Log.

Lewis & Clark College: Publications - Newspaper - Sacajawea's Voice

This collection includes complete issues in pdf format of Lewis & Clark College alternative student newspaper Sacajawea's Voice.

L. Stanley Glarum Collection

A collection of photographs, audio recordings, sheet music, and ephemera documenting the career and legacy of Lewis & Clark College Choir director (1947-1975).