Benjamin Adair Account Book

Albany College Photograph Collection

Albany College Yearbook Collection

Albany College Bookplate Collection

Albany College Literary Society Collection

Hubert Allison Allen Collection

Amish Diaries Collection

Irving W. Anderson Papers

Arion Literary Society Collection

Don Baker Papers

Administrative Records of Albany College Acting President Raymond J. Baker

Administrative Records of Albany College President William Thomas Bibb

Henry & Mary Blocher Collection

John Callahan Literary Collection

John & Laree Caughey Collection

Chuinard (Eldon) Publication Files for Only One Man Died

Civilian Public Service Camp 56 Oral History Project

Civilian Public Service Camp Newsletter Collection

Glen Coffield Collection

Administrative Records of Albany College President Elbert Neal Condit

Coues-Anderson Manuscript Transcript of the Lewis & Clark Journals

Crescent City, California Logging and Mining Photography Collection

Administrative Records of Albany College President Harry Means Crooks

Danforth Associate Program Northwest Region Records

Charles E. David Collection

Henry Vail Deale Papers

Department of Justice File on Marie D. Equi

Diaries of Marion Harriett Crable Bennett and Marion Hope Bennett

Charles Dickens Collection

Katherine Dunn Archives

Early Oregon Imprints Collection

Della Gould Emmons Collection

Erodelphian Society Collection

Albert Joseph (A.J.) Esta Collection

Family Farm and Church Account Ledger

Fan Kuan/Guo Xi Hanging Scrolls

Tracy Faulconer Collection

Five Seasons Press Collection

Vi Gale Collection

Administrative Records of Albany College President Edward R. Geary

Gordon Gilkey Print Collection

L. Stanley Glarum Archives

Administrative Records of Albany College President Clarence Wilson Greene

Greetings from Oregon Photograph Collection

Halladay School of Flying Photograph Collection

Walter Hamady Collection

Elisabeth Hampton-Gray Collection

Edna Ruddick Hart Correspondence with Walter Marcus

Hesperian Society Collection

History of the Book: Leaf Collection

Ted Hughes Correspondence to Donya Feuer

Richard Hugo Collection

Impossibilists Publications Collection

International Whaling Commission: Patricia Forkan Collection

Japanese American Photo Album

Editorial Files for Jefferson’s Western Explorations

Kenneth (Kenny) E. Johnson Collection

Eugene Nicholas Kovalenko Papers

Ben Hur Lampman Collection

Francis D. Haines Collection

Manche Langley Harvey Collection

Dr. James Kidd Collection of North American Exploration

Administrative Records of Albany College President Wallace Howe Lee

Lewis & Clark College Special Collections Publications Collection

Lewis & Clark College Yearbook Collection

Lewis and Clark Expedition Government Documents Collection

Letter from Lewis F. Linn

Linn County Postcard Collection

Editorial Files for The Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Edwin Markham Collection

Karl Marlantes Papers

Francis R. McCabe Oregon Wildflower Notebook

John McMillan Diaries

Paul Merchant Collection

O.K. Miller Correspondence

Mitchell vs. U.S. Court Records

Martha Frances Montague Scrapbook

Administrative Records of Albany College President William J. Monteith

Nazi Germany Propaganda Collection

Nineteenth Century Political Photograph Collection

Kemper Nomland Collection

Northwest Conference Archives

Morgan S. Odell Personal Papers

Bertel (Bert) J. Olin Collection

Oregon Ephemera Collection

Oregon Poetic Voices Project Archives

Pacific Northwest Political Science Association Collection

Pacific Northwest Postcard Collection

Ken Pollack Collection of Karl Marlantes Materials

Paper Crane Press Collection

Lewis and Clark Screenplay by Ernest Pascal

Paulann Petersen Collection

J.C. Phelps Collection

Poetry Broadside Collection

Arthur M. Prentiss Collection

Ralston Family Collection

Jarold Ramsey Collection

Bruce Reeves Collection

Rogue River Canyon Photograph Collection

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Dean A. Sempert Collection

Kermit Sheets Collection

Skarsten (M.O.) Collection Files for George Drouillard

Sleeth Family Collection

Spokane, Washington Herbarium

Dorothy Stafford Memorabilia Collection

William Stafford Archives

Elva E. Stoner Herbarium

James G. Swan Collection

James G. Swan/Samuel Parker Correspondence

Lee Thames Collection on Lewis & Clark

Administrative Records of Albany College Acting President Benjamin A. Thaxter

Lewis and Rachael Thayer Collection

Diary of Dr. Mary Thompson

TTTD Video Productions Collection of Vince Wixon and Mike Markee

George H. Tweney Collection on Lewis & Clark

U.S. Intelligence on the Philippines Collection

Charles Lewis Wallace Collection

Jean M. Ward Collection

Aubrey R. Watzek Collection

Roger D. Wendlick Collection on Lewis & Clark

Wendlick Collection of Portland Photographs

Bill White Lewis and Clark Expedition Bicentennial Collection

Alexander Malcolm Wilkinson Family Bible

Administrative Records of Albany College President Alfred M. Williams

Fred O. Wilson Collection

Charles Erskine Scott Wood and Erskine Wood Family Papers

Charles Erskine Scott Wood Sketchbook

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Portland, Oregon Archives

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Portland, Oregon Archives