Project Description

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Corps of Discovery Online Atlas

A project by the Watzek Library at Lewis & Clark College

Lewis and Clark College’s Watzek Library is in the process of creating an online map of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. The map will be accessible and provide authoritative geographic reference to the pathways and waypoints of the Lewis & Clark Expedition using current web mapping technology. The map will draw on the significant collections of literature on the Lewis and Clark Expedition that Watzek Library holds. The map is intended to help anyone studying the expedition understand its physical trajectory and identify the locations of major events along the way. It is also intended as an easy to use reference for students learning about the history of the expedition, as well as a handy tool for general readers with interest in the topic. The focus will be on the history of the expedition rather than contemporary waypoints and monuments that commemorate the expedition.

Initiated in the fall of 2017, the project is being developed by Lewis & Clark History and Computer Science majors with guidance from staff at Watzek Library. Visit the beta version of the online atlas here:

And provide feedback here.


Please contact Mark Dahl for further information.